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Mads Faurholt: How to Build the Leading Businesses of the Future

UCLE is proud to present its second prestigious speaker of the year, Managing Partner @ Nova Founders, Serial Entrepreneur and Writer MadsFaurholt!

He will promoting his newest book, "Entrepreneur: Building Your Business From Start to Success", and copies will be sold at a discount and signed by Mads!

Venue: Anatomy G04 - Gavin de Beer LT


Mads is the definition of a serial entrepreneur and has - at the age of 34 - started more than 20 companies with investors like Goldman Sachs, Alibaba and the World Bank within financial services, professional services, conferences and educations together with the food industry. There will be a great opportunity to gain full insights into how the best-practice companies of today act on the international marketplace and how the digital era, to a great extent, has changed the business development. In this regard, Mads gives his take on how to build the leading businesses of the future in terms of which leadership strategies and which business models that are crucial and important for becoming a success in the digital world, which is greatly characterized by the presence of globalization and the speed of change in the 21st century.