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Founders of the Future - 5 Founders of 3 Robotics Startups

5 Founders of 3 Robotics companies will be sharing insights on their Start-up experience, Robotics, and their vision for the future!

The Founders will give a 30 minute talk on their company, which will be followed by a Networking Session where you can meet them and ask any questions you may have – NOTE: all our Founders are looking for talented interns so it’s also a fantastic opportunity to impress!


Hybird provide autonomous drone data solutions. The company was founded by six London-based Mechanical Engineering students from University College London (UCL). Initially a final-year Master's project, HyBird was quickly recognised as a commercial opportunity; developing cost and energy efficient solutions for the engineering industry, using well-established hybrid power technologies.

Academy of Robotics: 

The Academy of Robotics combine the best techniques from machine learning and mechatronics to build powerful self-adapting machines and task specific artificial intelligence. Their current project is Kar-go, one of the world’s first autonomous delivery car vehicles.


Q-Bot develops intelligent tools using robotics and AI that can inspect, monitor and maintain the health of our buildings and infrastructure. Q-Bot’s mission is to transform the built environment with robotics and AI to become a global leader in construction innovation.

One of UCL’s biggest speaker events of the year and not one to be missed!