Our 5 Societies


Established in 2016, the UCL Guild is an alliance between 5 of the most prestigous career societies at UCL. Together, we form the largest society at UCL.


UCL Business Society


The UCL Business Society is a premier career advisory society based at University College London that offers students access to world-class opportunities in leading industries. We enable students to build an unparalleled network to support their career goals upon graduation. Our 3 main objectives are to: Broaden your career choice, Provide you with networking opportunities, Boost your employability through skills training sessions and workshops.

Founded in 2009.
Flagship Event: UCL DECA.
President: Nicholas Chanon Tuan.

Providing members with broad insight into the business world.


UCL Data Science Society


The UCL Data Science Society's vision is to supply the students of UCL with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as data scientists, whilst bringing them exciting opportunities to interact with the top companies and leaders in the field in the form of events, talks and workshops. We seek to connect students with a passion of prediction, statistical learning and business intelligence.

Founded in 2015.
President: Adris Khan.

Introducing the world of data science to business and finance.


UCL Entrepreneurs Society


UCL Entrepreneurs is UCL’s first port of call for students looking to become the innovators and disruptors of the next generation. Throughout our 10-year legacy, we have provided inspiration, resources and guidance to students through our various programmes and events. We help students acquire and master valuable skills that their courses often don’t teach, including: ideation and product development; programming skills; management; pitching; networking and communication and many more.

Founded in 2007.
Flagship Event: UCL Business Game.
President: Daniel Chipping.

Helping startups and students through their entrepreneurial journey.


uCL Investment Society


The UCL Investment society – UCLIS – is one of the top 3 largest career societies on campus. We host the most senior speakers, organise the UK’s largest mentorship programme and pride ourselves on our flagship Finance Conference – the largest of its kind across EMEA. Our mission is to empower our members and provide them with the best opportunity to kick-start their careers. We want to help you secure your dream internship, and hopefully job, at the top firms in London and around the world. We provide exposure to our many sponsors and world-renowned guest speakers, whilst keeping things fun at our esteemed socials.

Founded in 2001 .
Flagship Event: UCL Finance Conference.
President: Jack Moor.

Introducing students to the finance industry.


UCL Women In Finance Society


At UCL Women in Finance society our underlying passion is to empower UCL’s female students who wish to pursue a career in finance, realise their opportunities and live up to their full potential. Anyone can see that there is a shortage of women in the financial world – we believe that with a little guidance and information, we can decrease this gap. UCL Women in Finance aims to educate, equip and empower students through talks, workshops, and networking, and inspire confidence in fellow students. Of course, our events are open to all students at UCL, regardless of degree or gender!

Founded in 2012.
Flagship Event: Share The Vision Conference.
President: Emma Lim.

Empowering female students in the financial services industry.