Our 5 Societies


Established in 2016, the UCL Guild is an alliance between 5 of the most prestigous career societies at UCL. Together, we form the largest society at UCL.


UCL Women In Finance

Empowering female students in the financial services industry

UCL Women in Finance aims to educate, equip and empower students through talks, workshops, and networking events. Our events are open to all students, regardless of degree and gender!


UCL Business Society

Providing members with broad insight into the business world

The UCL Business Society is a premier career advisory society that offers students access to world-class opportunities in leading industries. We boost students’ employability through networking, training sessions and workshops.


UCL Investment Society

Introducing students to the finance industry

The UCL Investment society hosts senior speakers and prestigious events alongside organising the UK’s largest mentorship programme. We help students secure their dream internship and job whilst keeping things fun at our esteemed socials.


UCL Entrepreneurs

Helping startups and students through their entrepreneurial journey

UCL Entrepreneurs is the first port of call for students looking to become the innovators and disruptors of the next generation. We equip our members with skills learnt beyond the classroom: ideation, management and pitching.


UCL Data Science

Introducing the world of data science to business and finance

The UCL Data Science Society is a hub for students with a passion for prediction, statistical learning and business intelligence. We host events and workshops to develop and refine the skills needed as data scientists.