About UCL Guild


What Is The UCL Guild?

The Guild was founded from five of the most prominent and successful societies at UCL, namely, the UCL Business Society, UCL Investment Society, UCL Women in Finance Society, UCL Entrepreneurs Society and UCL Data Science Society. They joined together as the Guild in order to aid each other with sponsorship, share ideas, collaborate on more events, and generally increase the value that we provide to our members. Unlike some societies at UCL our sponsorship money can afford to split between six committees due to our member-focused efficient spending and the amount we receive.

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The aim of the Guild is to enhance the student experience for everyone. We begin with providing our members the resources they need to kick-start their dream careers, from our VC fund to our Analyst panel our events cover the largest scope of careers of any society at UCL and we utilise this reach to connect our members to as many opportunities as possible in order to enrich their future. The Guild acts as a point of contact for each of the five societies facilitating the interactions between them and aiming to help each individual society flourish as much as possible.


What Has The UCL Guild Achieved?

Over the past couple of years, the guild has grown rapidly to now being the largest society of campus. In this time, the society has succeeded in helping its members reach their career goals in the fields of finance and entrepreneurship through its events such as CV clinics, spring week panels, talks from prominent figures and networking events. It is important for us to reflect back on the huge value created for our members by last years incredible committee, so here are some of the highlights from the 2017/18 era of operation of the UCL Guild.



Events this year have reached new heights in terms of attendance, speaker seniority, exposure to UCL, and variation. We have been lucky enough to host the a variety of large firms from JP Morgan to ASOS. Our senior speakers have ranged from the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, CEO of EMEA at Deutsche Bank, European CEO of PayPal, Co-Head M&A EMEA at JP Morgan,  and the Head of Technology at Goldman Sachs to name a few.


The young age of the Guild means that unsurprisingly last year’s sponsorship revenue was the highest ever for the society, and as far as we can tell the highest of any society at UCL by name and number; we drew in name such as JP Morgan, Accenture, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, BlackRock, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC, and many more.



‘Reaching out’ has become a theme of the Guild in it’s recent operation. We aim to be the society that caters for the entire scope of the UCL experience. One of our member societies, Women In Finance, was founded on the objective of reaching out and enriching the groups that have / may face marginalisation in the working world. Events such as ‘Share The Vision’ or the ‘He for She Week’ provide awareness into societal intersectionality for our members and help take the steps towards overcoming the problems associated with ignoring them. Our other societies aim to accommodate for everyone. UCLIS for example has a 45% female membership, which is something we celebrate. We also developed a partnership with A21, a charity focused on ending slavery & human trafficking in the 21st century. Through the various fundraising events we've hosted and our charity stand, we've been able to spread the message that slavery still exists and we've also been able to support A21 in their fight for freedom.



If anything the last year has really highlighted that fundamentally the Guild acts in a different way to any other society at UCL Guild, our unique approach to most things is a core part of the Guild’s existence and success. We can afford to split our sponsorship money over the committees of six societies because, unlike other societies, we have our members in mind, spending efficiently and directly. As well as pooling sponsorship, we also work inter-committee often allowing the contribution of many ideas and man hours to every project we undertake.  This large capacity to produce allows us to pursue projects like our charity stand at the Winter Arts Festival, several conferences per year, and even Guild x TedX.


How Is The UCL Guild Structured?

The structure of the Guild is designed in such a way that we maximise freedom of each individual society as much as possible while making sure our core values and direction is retained. Although necessary for paperwork we refrain from active hierarchy where possible focusing on team input and idea sharing; we encourage our committee to take on their own projects and see them to completion all while having access to the manpower, marketing, and brand of the Guild behind them.

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The president of each society is also responsible for leading their individual committee. Meaning as a whole the UCL Guild boasts over 100 committee members in total. Together, we form the largest committee in UCL. Here is how the UCL Guild committee is structured.

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